Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017

A couple of at-large teams pulled off overtime wins yesterday to ensure they stayed ahead of the bubble.  Iowa State beat Texas Tech in what could have been a bad loss for the Cyclones and Miami handed Virginia its fourth consecutive loss.  Each team moved up 6 spots (2 seed lines) on my bracket.

Big 10 games tonight:
Purdue @ Penn state - The race is on for the top seed in the Big10 and with four games left, each of the three teams tied at the top is looking to finish strong.  Purdue can keep pace with a win tonight, which would also knock Penn State from at-large contention with their 14th loss.

Iowa also faces elimination tonight against Indiana, whose selection hopes are also on life support.  Neither team has much of a chance, but Indiana can at least keep some hope alive with a 16th victory.  At the very least it should clinch an NIT invitation for the Hoosiers.

Northwestern @ Illinois - Northwestern is safely in at this point, but still one win away from a lock based on their mediocre SOS and quality win totals.  Illinois is yet another Big 10 team on life support that desperately needs this win to remain in bubble discussions.

Other games with bubble implications: Rhode Island @ La Salle, Clemson @ Virginia Tech, Saint John's @ Marquette, NC State @ Georgia Tech, Ole Miss @ Mississippi State.

This bracket is created as if today were Selection Sunday, not a forward looking projection.

1's: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, Baylor
2's: North Carolina, Louisville, Duke, Florida State
3's: Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, Florida
4's: Butler, Creighton, UCLA, Purdue
5's: Maryland, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Wisconsin
6's: Minnesota, West Virginia, Virginia, Saint Mary's
7's: Xavier, SMU, USC, Miami (FL)
8's: Northwestern, South Carolina, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech
9's: Dayton, VCU, Iowa State, Michigan
10's: Kansas State, Michigan State, Arkansas, Marquette
11's: Seton Hall, California, TCU, Clemson, Wake Forest, Middle Tennessee
12's: Illinois State, UNC Wilmington, New Mexico State, Vermont
13's: Nevada, Monmouth, Belmont, UTA
14's: Valparaiso, Princeton, Akron, UNC Asheville
15's: Florida Gulf Coast, Bucknell, North Dakota State, Furman
16's: Eastern Washington, Texas Southern, New Orleans, UC Irvine, North Carolina Central, Mount Saint Mary's

FFO: Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Rhode Island, Pittsburgh
NFO: Tennessee, Alabama, Georgetown, Syracuse

Others still in contention for At-Large bid:
(<14 losses, Top-150 SOS, <4 losses outside RPI top-100)
9. Vanderbilt
10. Georgia
11. Illinois
12. Indiana
13. Providence
14. Texas Tech
15. Texas A&M
16. Ohio State
17. Boise State
18. Auburn
19. Penn State
20. Iowa
21. Utah
22. Colorado
23. Colorado State
24. San Francisco
25. Davidson
26. Saint Bonaventure
27. Stanford
28. George Washington

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