Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8, 2016 *Practice Bracket #10*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Baylor, Villanova, Creighton, Saint Mary's
2's: Gonzaga, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina
3's: Middle Tennessee, Duke, Arkansas, Louisville
4's: Kentucky, UCLA, Auburn, Florida
5's: USC, South Carolina, UCF, Butler
6's: Virginia, Indiana, Purdue, Florida State
7's: Ole Miss, Notre Dame, TCU, Xavier
8's: UNC Wilmington, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Maryland
9's: Providence, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Arizona
10's: Dayton, Stanford, Michigan, Virginia Tech
11's: Clemson, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Oregon
12's: Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Arkansas State, Nevada, Tennessee State
13's: Ohio, Valparaiso, Florida Gulf Coast, Monmouth
14's: UNC Asheville, Chattanooga, IPFW, Bucknell
15's: New Mexico State, Vermont, North Carolina Central, Eastern Washington
16's: Texas Southern, Southern Illinois, Yale, New Orleans, Mount Saint Mary's, Long Beach State

FFO: Iowa State, North Carolina State, Miami (FL), Rhode Island
NFO: Charleston, SMU, Ohio State, Saint Bonaventure

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7, 2016 *Practice Bracket #9*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Baylor, Villanova, Creighton, Saint Mary's
2's: Gonzaga, Kansas, Butler, Minnesota
3's: TCU, Xavier, Middle Tennessee, Duke
4's: Arkansas, UCLA, South Carolina, UCF
5's: North Carolina, Auburn, Virginia, Florida
6's: Louisville, Indiana, Purdue, Florida State
7's: Northwestern, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Providence
8's: UNC Wilmington, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Wake Forest
9's: USC, Temple, Maryland, Arizona
10's: Cincinnati, Clemson, Virginia Tech, VCU
11's: Arkansas State, Dayton, Michigan, Wisconsin
12's: Texas A&M, Rhode Island, Charleston, Oregon, Valparaiso, Tennessee State
13's: Nevada, Ohio, East Tennessee State, Monmouth
14's: New Mexico State, Bucknell, UNC Asheville, Illinois State
15's: Vermont, North Carolina Central, IPFW, Florida Gulf Coast
16's: Eastern Washington, Texas Southern, Sam Houston State, Yale, UC Irvine, Mount Saint Mary's

FFO: Iowa State, Stanford, Miami (FL), Ohio State
NFO: Saint Bonaventure, North Carolina State, Massachusetts, Oklahoma State

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016 *Practice Bracket #8*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Baylor, Villanova, Creighton, Gonzaga
2's: Saint Mary's, TCU, Middle Tennessee, Xavier
3's: Minnesota, Florida, Butler, Kansas
4's: Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, UCF
5's: Arkansas, Auburn, Florida State, UCLA
6's: Ohio State, Northwestern, Louisville, Providence
7's: North Carolina, Purdue, Duke, UNC Wilmington
8's: Kentucky, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Cincinnati
9's: USC, Temple, Maryland, Clemson
10's: Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Wake Forest
11's: Miami (FL), Arkansas State, Dayton, VCU
12's: Wisconsin, UTA, Rhode Island, Davidson, Nevada, Ohio
13's: Illinois State, Valparaiso, Tennessee State, IPFW
14's: Monmouth, East Tennessee State, Florida Gulf Coast, Vermont
15's: Utah Valley, North Carolina Central, Sam Houston State, Eastern Washington
16's: UNC Asheville, Texas Southern, Yale, Loyola-Marymount, Bryant, Cal Poly

FFO: Michigan, Iowa State, Charleston, Massachusetts
NFO: Marshall, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Oregon

Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2, 2016 *Practice Bracket #7*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Xavier, Baylor, Villanova, Gonzaga
2's: Saint Mary's, Creighton, Butler, Middle Tennessee
3's: Virginia, Minnesota, Ohio State, Florida
4's: South Carolina, Florida State, Indiana, Kansas
5's: Duke, Arkansas, Purdue, Louisville
6's: TCU, Arizona, UNC Wilmington, VCU
7's: Cincinnati, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Nevada
8's: Kentucky, Davidson, Auburn, UCF
9's: Clemson, Northwestern, Miami (FL), Wake Forest
10's: Marshall, Ole Miss, UCLA, Virginia Tech
11's: Dayton, Tennessee State, Pittsburgh, Arkansas State
12's: Temple, Valparaiso, San Diego State, Providence, Houston, USC
13's: Georgia State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Ohio, Bucknell
14's: Iona, North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Utah Valley
15's: Texas Southern, Mercer, Vermont, North Carolina Central
16's: UNC Asheville, Yale, Eastern Washington, Florida Gulf Coast, Long Island, Cal State Northridge

FFO: Stanford, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island
NFO: Maryland, Iowa State, Michigan, Nebraska

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016 *Practice Bracket #6*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Xavier, Baylor, Gonzaga, Villanova
2's: Saint Mary's, Creighton, Virginia, Butler
3's: Middle Tennessee, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio State
4's: Florida State, Duke, South Carolina, Kansas
5's: TCU, Louisville, Indiana, Purdue
6's: Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina
7's: Notre Dame, UNC Wilmington, VCU, UCF
8's: Nevada, Clemson, Davidson, Miami (FL)
9's: Northwestern, Marshall, Wake Forest, Ole Miss
10's: Auburn, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, San Diego State
11's: Providence, Dayton, Temple, UCLA
12's: Houston, Arkansas State, Iowa State, Maryland, Valparaiso, Tennessee State
13's: Ohio, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Georgia State, Bucknell
14's: North Dakota State, Iona, Northern Iowa, Utah Valley
15's: North Carolina Central, Vermont, Texas Southern, Mercer
16's: UNC Asheville, Yale, Eastern Washington, Florida Gulf Coast, Cal State Northridge, Mount Saint Mary's

FFO: Cincinnati, Oregon, Massachusetts, Stanford
NFO: USC, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Colorado State

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016 *Practice Bracket #5*

Please do not include in the Bracket Matrix

1's: Xavier, Gonzaga, Villanova, Creighton
2's: Baylor, Butler, Saint Mary's, Virginia
3's: Florida, Middle Tennessee, Kansas, Old Miss
4's: Minnesota, Florida State, Ohio State, Purdue
5's: South Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, Ohio
6's: North Carolina, Arkansas, UCF, Tennessee State
7's: UCLA, VCU, Arkansas State, UNC Wilmington
8's: Louisville, Notre Dame, Auburn, Arizona
9's: Northwestern, Nevada, TCU, North Carolina State
10's: Davidson, Northern Iowa, Wake Forest, Dayton
11's: Nebraska, Providence, Clemson, Maryland
12's: Cincinnati, Rhode Island, Michigan, Houston
13's: Miami (FL), San Diego State, Temple, Massachusetts, Utah Valley, Long Island
14's: North Dakota State, Sam Houston State, Iona, Yale
15's: Lehigh, North Carolina Central, UNC Asheville, Valparaiso
16's: Mercer, Vermont, Eastern Washington, Florida Gulf Coast, Texas Southern, Cal State Northridge

FFO: Saint Joseph's, Boston University, Iowa State, Pittsburgh
NFO: DePaul, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 *Practice Bracket #4*

As one of just 24 remaining undefeated teams, and one of just nine teams with a top-25 RPI victory, I have the Gophers slotted on the 2-line if Selection Sunday were today.  Despite this early season success, Minnesota is still not getting any love from the pollsters - zero votes in either the AP or USA Today coaches poll.  One coach even gave a 25th place vote to Arkansas, who Minnesota beat easily last week.  My point is not that individual match ups should be weighted over the full season resume, but rather that the early season polls should not be given much credence. 

The Gophers have a huge opportunity to strengthen their resume and earn some respect with their Big10-ACC challenge game at Florida State tonight.  Although they have two more top-100 match ups on the non-conference schedule as of today, Long Island and Arkansas State may no longer be in the top-100 at the time of those games.  Based on the strength of the six remaining non-conference opponents after the Seminoles, the Gophers should be able to defeat most if not all of them.  A 12-1 or 11-2 non-conference record would mean that as few as eight Big Ten wins could conceivable garner a trip to the big dance.  That may be easier said than done, however, as just four of the 18 conference games are against teams currently outside the top-100, and one site (Massey Ratings) has an expected conference win total of 6.21.  Even if they finish the non-conference schedule at 13-0, a 6-12 conference record would likely not earn a selection unless those 6 wins included very impressive wins over top-tier opponents.  For now I'll stay optimistic that Pitino the Younger can get this team to 20 wins and a tournament selection.

  • This bracket is created as if today were Selection Sunday, and is not a projection of where I think teams will be in March.  See my earlier posts for more info on my early season bracketing methodology.
  • Please do not include this in the Bracket Matrix.

1's: Xavier, Gonzaga, Villanova, Baylor
2's: Creighton, Saint Mary's College, Minnesota, Virginia
3's: Butler, Florida, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee
4's: Kansas, Duke, Ole Miss, Ohio State
5's: Boston University, South Carolina, Purdue, Arkansas
6's: North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee State, UCLA
7's: UCF, Wake Forest, VCU, UNC-Wilmington
8's: Louisville, Auburn, Florida State, Arkansas State
9's: TCU, Nevada, San Diego State, Notre Dame
10's: North Carolina State, Michigan, Arizona, Houston
11's: Maryland, Providence, Dayton, Cincinnati
12's: Long Island, Nebraska, Clemson, Rhode Island, Davidson
13's: Northeastern, Massachusetts, Northern Iowa, Utah Valley, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
14's: North Dakota State, Valparaiso, Sam Houston State, Charlotte
15's: Iona, Yale, UNC-Asheville, Vermont
16's: Mercer, North Carolina Central, Eastern Washington, Florida Gulf Coast, Texas Southern, Cal State Northridge

FFO: Pittsburgh, DePaul, Iowa State, Oklahoma
NFO: USC, Northwestern, Temple, Miami (FL)