Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7, 2014

So as it turns out, my OCD has led me to a new update just a few days after saying it's way too early to begin serious bracketologizing.  Knowing myself, I'll probably come up with a couple updates per week until the new year when I'll get after it daily.

Since it is far too early to stick strictly to the regression-based formula (as shown in my last post), this bracket includes a significant amount of tweaking from the formulaic ordering in order to arrive at what I consider a realistic selection outcome come March.  I may put together another strictly formulaic bracket just for fun.  I have not yet taken into account potential in-conference matchups or geographic issues.

1's: Kentucky, Arizona, Duke, Wisconsin
2's: Kansas, Virginia, Louisville, Villanova
3's: Texas, Gonzaga, San Diego State, Iowa State
4's: Miami (FL), Wichita State, Northern Iowa, Colorado State
5's: Harvard, Arkansas, Ohio State, Baylor
6's: Seton Hall, North Carolina State, UW-Green Bay, West Virginia
7's: Utah, LSU, Dayton, Old Dominion
8's: Butler, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois
9's: Penn State, Boise State, BYU, Iowa
10's: Yale, TCU, Washington, VCU
11's: Oklahoma, SMU, Davidson, Michigan State
12's: Colorado, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State, Providence, Saint John's, Massachusetts
13's: Buffalo, Georgia State, Iona, UC-Santa Barbara
14's: Eastern Washington, Massachusetts-Lowell, Holy Cross, Florida Gulf Coast
15's: Belmont, UNC-Wilmington, Stephen F. Austin, Wofford
16's: North Carolina Central, North Dakota State, Sacred Heart, High Point, New Mexico State, Alabama State

FFO: Nebraska, Xavier, Michigan, Texas A&M
NFO: Wyoming, Minnesota, UConn, Syracuse

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