Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014

In order to eliminate any personal bias in tweaking my regression ordering, I simply hid the Excel column with the name of the school. With that said, although last night's games in reality had minimal affect on the bracket order, this new tweaking process did result in a few teams sliding 1-2 lines one way or the other. Also, for the automatic bids, for now I'm simply using the team from each conference with the best RPI. Once conference play has begun, I'll use the conference leader, with ties being broken by best RPI. The last disclaimer I'll give here is that I did this fairly quickly and did not put forth the scrutiny in comparing resumes that later updates will involve.

1's: Kentucky, Kansas, Virginia, Arizona
2's: Duke, Wisconsin, Louisville, Wichita State
3's: Villanova, Gonzaga, Texas, Iowa State
4's: Colorado State, Old Dominion, Seton Hall, Washington
5's: LSU, San Diego State, Baylor, VCU
6's: Harvard, Miami, Northern Iowa, Ohio State
7's: Arkansas, Utah, Green Bay, Dayton
8's: Maryland, Oklahoma, UTEP, West Virginia
9's: Saint John's, Buffalo, George Washington, Michigan State
10's: Xavier, Davidson, TCU, Butler
11's: Penn State, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Boise State
12's: Oklahoma State, Eastern Michigan, Wofford, NC State, California
13's: Illinois, Texas A&M, Gardner-Webb, Incarnate Word, UNC Wilmington
14's: Georgia State, Long Beach State, Temple, Eastern Washington
15's: Murray State, Lafayette, Iona, North Carolina Central
16's: Florida Gulf Coast, Massachusetts-Lowell, Sacred Heart, North Dakota State, New Mexico State, Alabama State

FFO: Stanford, Yale, Rhode Island, Alabama
NFO: Minnesota, Charlotte, Texas Tech, Houston

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