Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014-2015 Stupid-Early Bracketology December 3-4, 2014

Welcome back to college basketball! Although it's still a bit early to get into statistical projections (UW-Green Bay currently #1 RPI...), I've got an itch to post some preliminary bracket predictions. With 102 days until Selection Sunday literally anything can happen. Kentucky could drop 14 games and miss the playoffs. The Wyoming Cowboys could finish the season undefeated and [maybe] snag a #1 seed. That being said, here are my stupid-early, moderately-based-on-statistics, likely-to-drastically-change, 2015 bracket predictions. Please note that this is primarily based on season-to-date state, and really any future looking projections. So this is more of an "if the season ended today" type of a deal. I'll try to get at least one more slightly-less-stupid-early update out before conference play gets underway after the holidays.

1's: Gonzaga, Duke, Arizona, Kentucky
2's: Virginia, Villanova, Louisville, Miami
3's: Wisconsin, Texas, Wichita State, San Diego State
4's: Kansas, Arkansas, Northern Iowa, West Virginia
5's: Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa State, Harvard
6's: Colorado St, Syracuse, NC State, Providence
7's: Green Bay, Oklahoma St, VCU, Cincinnati
8's: UConn, UNC, Iowa, Penn State
9's: Old Dominion, Colorado, Utah, Valparaiso
10's: St. Mary's, Illinois, Washington, Maryland
11's: Seton Hall, BYU, Belmont, Dayton
12's: Wyoming, Georgia Tech, Baylor, Yale, Butler
13's: Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida GC, East Michigan, Towson
14's: SF Austin, Army, E Tennessee St, East Washington
15's: Canisius, UTPA, Vermont, High Point
16's: UC Davis, IPFW, AR-Little Rock, Alabama St, Norfolk St, Sacred Heart

FFO: Purdue, California, Nebraska, Michigan State
NFO: Iona, TCU, George Washington, Minnesota

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