Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

Michigan emerged victorious in last night's battle of the Big Ten's unbeaten.  The Wolverines remain the lone undefeated team in Big Ten play, and continue to climb their way up the seed ladder with their 9th straight win.  Meanwhile, Wisconsin started their own winning streak by beating Purdue in West Lafayette, and avoiding a 4th consecutive loss.

Over the past 48 hours, the Gophers have moved up another three RPI spots to #20, thanks to continued success by their past opponents.  Minnesota's SOS is currently #4, behind only Arizona, Alabama, and Wisconsin.  That number will surely fall now that they're past the four-game gauntlet of ranked Big Ten opponents, and move on to a couple of the conference's bottom feeders in Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, and Indiana.  It will be crucial for the Gophers to win at least three if not all four of these upcoming games in order to maintain their RPI and improve their projected seed.

1 seeds: Arizona, Syracuse, Wichita State, Villanova
2 seeds: Kansas, Michigan State, Florida, Wisconsin
3 seeds: Massachusetts, San Diego State, Pittsburgh, Creighton
4 seeds: Cincinnati, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Saint Louis
5 seeds: Duke, Michigan, Kentucky, Gonzaga
6 seeds: Ohio State, Louisville, Toledo, Oklahoma
7 seeds: George Washington, Iowa, UCLA, Texas
8 seeds: Southern Miss, New Mexico, VCU, Connecticut
9 seeds: Minnesota, Virginia, Memphis, Xavier
10 seeds: Colorado, Green Bay, SMU, Providence
11 seeds: Indiana State, Missouri, Oregon, Saint Mary's
12 seeds: Arizona State, Florida State, California, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Richmond
13 seeds: North Dakota State, Belmont, Delaware, New Mexico State
14 seeds: Harvard, Stephen F Austin, Manhattan, Mercer
15 seeds: Hawaii, Georgia State, Boston University, Northern Colorado
16 seeds: North Carolina Central, Stony Brook, Bryant, Chattanooga, Radford, Alabama State

First Four Out: Wake Forest, Stanford, Boise State, Baylor
Next Four Out: Saint Joseph's, Illinois, Arkansas, LSU

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