Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014

1's: Arizona, Wichita State, Florida, Villanova
2's: Wisconsin, Kansas, Syracuse, San Diego State
3's: Virginia, Cincinnati, Creighton, New Mexico
4's: Louisville, Saint Louis, Duke, Michigan
5's: Massachusetts, Iowa State, VCU Connecticut
6's: UCLA, North Carolina, Michigan State, Oklahoma
7's: Kentucky, Gonzaga, George Washington, Texas
8's: Ohio State, Oregon, SMU, Memphis
9's: Colorado, Saint Joseph's, Arizona State, Pittsburgh
10's: Dayton, BYU, Missouri, Kansas State
11's: Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Southern Miss
12's: Baylor, Providence, Xavier, Saint Mary's, Green Bay, North Dakota State
13's: Toledo, Iona, Stephen F. Austin, Harvard
14's: Belmont, North Carolina Central, Georgia State, Mercer
15's: Boston University, Delaware, New Mexico State, UC Santa Barbara
16's: Vermont, Robert Morris, Davidson, Montana, Radford, Alabama State

FFO: Stanford, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, Nebraska
NFO: Clemson, Saint John's, Florida State, LSU


  1. I find it funny that you previously noted, "As a statistician, I hate outliers." Yet if you look at the Bracket Matrix, when it comes to Michigan, you ARE the outlier. Same with SDSU.

    Self loathing is never a good thing.

    Cinci is 0-1 vs top 25 teams with an RPI of 14 and you think they are going to get seeded in the top 12. SDSU is 2-2 vs the top 50 (once again usually regarded as tournament teams) with an RPI of 20 and you think they will get a top 8 seed.Unless you make major changes to your bracket between now and selection sunday, you are going to finish in the bottom 10% of the bracket matrix.

  2. You say you use past tournaments and team resumes to come up with your bracket. I want you to show me 1 team with 2 wins or less vs the top 50 RPI and an RPI over 20 that got a 3 seed or higher.

    That is NM and SDSU right now.