Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 - penultimate update

With three games still underway, here is my update as of about 2:00 pm CST.  I believe the field is set, as none of the remaining outcomes will impact who gets in, only seeding.  I may still shuffle some of these seedings in the next couple hours based on further review and bracketing procedures

This bracket assumes:
-Wisconsin wins Big10.  If Michigan wins, WI falls to 5-line (Cincy or UVA moves up to 4, depending on AAC outcome) and Michigan rises to 6-line moving St Mary's to the #7.
-Cincinnati wins AAC.  If SMU wins, Cincy and SMU both move to #6 line with WVU moving up to #5 and St. Mary's falls to #7
-Troy wins Sun Belt.  If Texas State wins, they would still be a 16-seed play-in.

1's: Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, Duke
2's: North Carolina, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisville
3's: Baylor, Florida State, Oregon, Florida
4's: Butler, UCLA, Notre Dame, Wisconsin
5's: Cincinnati, Virginia, Minnesota, Purdue
6's: West Virginia, Iowa State, Creighton, Saint Mary's
7's: SMU, Maryland, Michigan, Arkansas
8's: Miami (FL), VCU, Northwestern, Virginia Tech
9's: Dayton, South Carolina, Seton Hall, Oklahoma State
10's: Rhode Island, Wichita State, Marquette, Michigan State
11's: Xavier, Wake Forest, USC, Providence, Kansas State, Vanderbilt
12's: Middle Tennessee, Nevada, UNC Wilmington, Vermont
13's: East Tennessee State, Princeton, New Mexico State, Winthrop
14's: Bucknell, Florida Gulf Coast, Northern Kentucky, Iona
15's: North Dakota, Texas Southern, North Carolina Central, Kent State
16's: New Orleans, UC Davis, Troy, Jacksonville State, Mount Saint Mary's, South Dakota State

FFO: California, Illinois, Syracuse, Iowa
NFO: Illinois State, Colorado State, Georgia, Utah

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