Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014

Syracuse needed a buzzer beater to stay undefeated last night against Pittsuburgh. Despite remaining undefeated through 24 games, Syracuse has definitely displayed some weaknesses that may be exploited come tournament time. That being said, last night's narrow win puts the Orange narrowly back into my #1 overall slot - by just a few basis points.

Speaking of basis points, I have Villanova and Florida in a virtual dead heat, separated by less than one basis point. Both teams are 22-2, with very similar SOS. Both beat Kansas, but Nova has the edge with one other quality win (#23 Iowa) and better losses (#3 Cuse & #12 Creighton) than Florida (#7 Wisconsin and #30 UConn).

Tonight is going to be a great test for Minnesota at the Kohl Center. It's really a no-lose game for the Gophers, as their resume won't be significantly affected by a loss, but a win would go a long ways in helping to lock up a bid. With as few as 8 games left before selection sunday, the Gophers need at least four wins to ensure a selection.

1's: Syracuse, Arizona, Wichita State, Villanova
2's: Florida, Saint Louis, Kansas, San Diego State
3's: Cincinnati, Michigan State, Creighton, Wisconsin
4's: Duke, Kentucky, Iowa State, Gonzaga
5's: Virginia, UCLA, Michigan, Massachusetts
6's: Louisville, Texas, VCU, Ohio State
7's: Pittsburgh, Connecticut, George Washington, New Mexico
8's: Memphis, Colorado, Iowa, SMU
9's: Arizona State, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Xavier
10's: North Carolina, Toledo, Indiana State, Oklahoma State
11's: Saint Joseph's, Saint Mary's, Missouri, Minnesota
12's: Richmond, North Dakota State, Oregon, California, Stanford, Southern Miss
13's: Belmont, New Mexico State, Stephen F Austin, Harvard
14's: Green Bay, Delaware, Mercer, Manhattan
15's: Georgia State, North Carolina Central, Boston University, Hawaii
16's: Vermont, Bryant, Weber State, Elon, Southern, Radford

FFO: Dayton, North Carolina State, BYU, Mississippi
NFO: Providence, Ohio, Georgetown, Tennessee


  1. Still having all sorts of trouble wrapping my head around Wisconsin being seeded over Michigan.

  2. To be honest, I feel equally confounded on how Michigan could possibly be seeded ahead of Wisconsin. The Badgers win virtually every comparison I can think of.

    RPI: Wisconsin #7 > Michigan #13
    SOS: Wisconsin #2 > Michigan #7
    Win Pct: Wisconsin 80% (20-5) > Michigan 75% (18-6)
    Vs Top-50: Wisconsin 6-3 > Michigan 6-4
    Vs Top-100: Wisconsin 12-4 > Michigan 9-5
    Quality Wins: Wisconsin 5 > Michigan 4
    Bad Losses: Wisconsin 2 = Michigan 2
    Best Win: Wisconsin - #4 Florida > Michigan - #7 Wisconsin
    Worst Loss: Wisconsin - #101 Northwestern > Michigan - #112 Charlotte
    Head-to-head: Michigan > Wisconsin (1-0, with another matchup this Sunday)

    They're both very good teams, and the Wolverines may end up with a 4-seed based on their remaining schedule, but the only case I can think of for putting Michigan above Wisconsin is that they won the lone head-to-head matchup...not a very strong argument compared to the overwhelming evidence above.