Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016 - Early Season *Practice* Bracket

I normally wouldn't release a bracket this early, but with the Gophers' 4-0 start, this might be the only time I can include them!  Please keep in mind that this is an "If-Selection-Sunday-Were-Today" bracket, and not a projection of what I think the bracket will look like in March.  Using end-of-season methodology after only a small handful of games is borderline ridiculous, but this gives me a chance to brush up before beginning to put together some real brackets after Conference play gets underway.

A few more comments on my methods here...
  • A team outside the RPI top-75 can't be in the at-large field.
  • A team in the RPI top-25 must be selected (unless they have a losing record)
  • I didn't take the time to thoroughly review the lower conference winners, so my apologies if there are any discrepancies/exclusions/anomalies there.
  • Finally, please exclude this from the Bracket Matrix.

1's: Xavier, Villanova, Creighton, Louisville
2's: Charlotte, UNC Wilmington, Virginia, Gonzaga
3's: Saint Mary's College, Tennessee State, Indiana, Stanford
4's: VCU, Maryland, Ole Miss, Minnesota
5's: Arkansas, UCF, Ohio, Florida
6's: South Alabama, Michigan, Arizona, Kentucky
7's: Butler, UCLA, North Carolina, Northern Illinois
8's: Boston University, Dayton, San Diego State, Northern Iowa
9's: Kansas, Yale, Wake Forest, Duke
10's: Ohio State, Central Michigan, USC, Seton Hall
11's: Toledo, Saint Joseph's, Miami (FL), Syracuse
12's: Clemson, East Tennessee State, Georgia, Providence, Arkansas State
13's: Old Dominion, Elon, Air Force, South Dakota, Winthrop
14's: Fairfield, Baylor, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Wichita State
15's: UC Davis, Jacksonville, Idaho, BYU
16's: Memphis, Oakland, Texas Southern, North Carolina Central, UMKC, UMBC

FFO: South Carolina, LSU, Iowa State, SMU
NFO: Florida State, Notre Dame, Colorado State, Oklahoma

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  1. Update: after the big win over Arkansas, Minnesota's #14 RPI and 3 top-100 wins puts them at my #6 overall seed! A win against the Salukis later this week might not get them ranked at 6-0, but should garner a few votes. At the risk of getting too ahead of myself, an 8-0 start with victories at Florida State and against Vanderbilt in Sioux Falls would most definitely get them into the top-25.

    Looking even further ahead, with 13 non-conference games this year, a 12-1 or 11-2 start would mean that as few as 7 or 8 conference wins may be enough to warrant a tournament selection. If they finish with 18 or 19 wins, at least 2-3 of them would have to be against ranked opponents, or on the road against top-tier Big10 teams.

    As the bracketology bug has grabbed a hold of me, I may need to carve out time today to make another way-too-early bracket.