Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15, 2015 - Initial update

Update through Saturday's games. Below are contingencies based on today's five games. I will post my final bracket by 5pm CST.
1. Kentucky vs. Arkansas - No change either way for Kentucky. Arkansas moves up to a 4-seed with a win, no change with a loss.
2. VCU vs. Dayton - VCU win moves them up to a 5-seed and drops Dayton to a 9-seed. A Dayton win moves them up to an 8-seed and VCU stays on the 6-line
3. Georgia Southern vs. Georgia State. State would be a 13, Southern would be a 14.
4. UConn vs. SMU. A UConn win would get them in as either a low 10- or high 11-seed, knocking Tulsa out. No changes to with an SMU win.
5. Wisconsin vs. Michigan State. This is the big one! Wisconsin moves up to a 1-seed with a win, replacing Virginia. Michigan State would remain a 7-seed. A Michigan State win would move them up to a 6-seed and leave Wisconsin on the 2-line.

1's: Kentucky, Villanova, Duke, Virginia
2's: Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona, Gonzaga
3's: Iowa State, Notre Dame, Maryland, Baylor
4's: North Carolina, Oklahoma, SMU, Louisville
5's: Northern Iowa, Arkansas, West Virginia, Utah
6's: Wichita State, VCU, Butler, Georgetown
7's: Providence, Michigan State, Oregon, Saint John's
8's: San Diego State, Davidson, Cincinnati, Iowa
9's: Colorado State, Dayton, Ohio State, Xavier
10's: North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Texas, Temple
11's: Georgia, Indiana, LSU, BYU, Purdue, Tulsa
12's: Stephen F. Austin, Wyoming, Wofford, Buffalo
13's: Harvard, Valparaiso, Georgia State, Eastern Washington
14's: New Mexico State, North Dakota State, UC Irvine, Albany
15's: Coastal Carolina, Northeastern, Belmont, UAB
16's: Texas Southern, Lafayette, Manhattan, North Florida, Robert Morris, Hampton

FFO: Boise State, Connecticut, Ole Miss, Illinois
NFO: Old Dominion, Richmond, Rhode Island, UCLA

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